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Is Facelift Recovery Painful?

Getting a facelift requires a major surgery, however, the recovery process is not painful, and the recovery period will vary from individual to individual depending on the surgery done. Before you undergo surgery, your surgeon will give you precautions and safety measures to be taken before and after the surgery, so be sure to follow the advice of your surgeon.

After the surgery, there will be swelling or bruising, and you may even feel some discomfort, nausea, numbness, and tightness around your face from the anesthesia, but these effects are normal and short-lived. Depending on the depth of the surgery, you may even be hospitalized for recovery or be allowed to stay at home. During the healing period, you are advised to follow certain measures for a speedy recovery –

  • Drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration

  • Sleep on elevated pillows

  • Stay away from sunlight

  • Consume the prescribed medications such as pain killers and multivitamins

  • Refrain from physical activities and movements during the first few days

Most patients recover with less pain. Your face will be covered and protected with bandages for the first few days, after which the swelling and bruising will disappear, and the skin will loosen. Over time, you will notice the changes with the disappearance of swelling and bruising, and you will be able to resume your daily activities. When you are fully recovered, it will restore your appearance. Follow all advice and you’ll recover without exceeding the desired amount of time.

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