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Even Out Your Nasal Hump Using Rhinoplasty Surgery

The Hooked nose. The Roman nose. Nasal humps go by many names and they all have one thing in common: They distract from the other features of your face by drawing all attention towards the bridge of your nose.

Nasal humps provide prominent bridges that are mostly inherited from your family’s genes, but sometimes an injury and a hormonal tornado can transform your nose gradually into the characteristic Roman hump despite no family history.

For those that are unhappy with their noses and want to reshape them to their liking, rhinoplasty offers a straight-forward solution.

A Nose Job Fit For A Roman

The Roman nose has one remedy: The excision of the central part of the dorsal nasal hump. This isn’t a simple matter and revolves around understanding the bones, cartilage, symmetry, thickness, and interior and exterior dimensions of your nose.

Your nose is thoroughly examined and then surgical tools are used to create incisions to elevate the skin off your nose. The lifted skin is removed to expose cartilage and bone.

Some procedures involve the reduction of the nasal bone size with cutting instruments. Others encompass the gradual sandpapering of your hump to better craft a three-dimensional form-fitting nose that is silky smooth and perfect to the touch.

Rhinoplasty resolves your nasal hump in a snap, and you walk away with a smooth, perfectly shaped nose that better complements the features of your face. As a bonus, you’ll find it easier to take big clear breaths because the insides and outside of your nose are better suited to your facial frame now.

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