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Facelift Monmouth County

Sagging in the mid to lower face, a sunken in appearance, jowls, and loose skin in the chin and jaw are all common signs of aging that many men and women are reversing through a Facelift. The Facelift procedure targets the above mentioned issues to create a more youthful, smooth appearance. These days there are a number of facial rejuvenation procedures available and each has its strength and limitations. The facelift is the only procedure that can correct the issues above when there is sagging, excess skin.

The traditional facelift is performed with an incision that is hiddin in the hairline and continues around the ears and lower scalp. Next, fat may be redistributed or sculpted and the tissue re-positioned, sometimes the muscles are also lifted. Finally, the excess skin is trimmed and the remaining redraped over the face. In some cases, when neck aging is also an issue, another incision under the chin may be made to rejuvenate that area. Interested in learning more and to find out if a facelift may be right for you? Contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nagy today.

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