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When Is the Eye Lift an Ideal Option?

The eyelift, also known as an eyelid lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps in improving the appearance of the eyelids by removing signs of aging. It removes baggy skin and excess skin from the eyelids.

Who Should Undergo An Eye Lift?

An eye lift is an ideal option for someone who wants to look younger by reducing the signs of aging on the eyelids. With age, skin develops wrinkles and becomes less elastic. This causes the skin on the eyelids to sag. It can make a person look older. Saggy eyelids can even interfere with vision in some cases.

Anyone with saggy eyelids who want to improve the looks of their eyelids would find the eye lift an ideal option. Apart from the enhancement of appearance, it can help a person feel more confident. Those with sagging eyelids feel conscious. This procedure can help them be more confident and helps them in their social lives.

The requirements to undergo an eye lift include:

  • The patient should be in good health and not have any medical condition that can cause complications.

  • The patient should avoid smoking a few weeks before the surgery.

  • Patients should not have any serious eye problems.

Is The Result Of An Eye Lift Permanent?

People prefer getting an eye lift as the effect of this procedure is long-lasting. It usually lasts from five to seven years, when done on the upper eyelid. When done on the lower eyelid, it is usually permanent.

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