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Arm-Lift Surgery Tones and Defines the Arms

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the under portion of your upper arms. It can tone and define your arms and make it attractive by removing the unwanted skin and excessive fat between your elbow and armpit. The procedure also contours the arm and repositions the remaining skin of the operated area.

Generally, the procedure takes one to three hours and may involve liposuction. You may either be subject to twilight anesthesia or general anesthesia for the procedure. In this procedure, the surgical incisions are made under the arm at a less visible location. Furthermore, an experienced surgeon can reduce the risks of scars and prolonged healing.

After the surgery, you may require some downtime to fully recover from the procedure. Historically, a huge majority of the patients resume light physical activities within a couple of weeks and fully recover their normal daily routine within a period of six weeks.

Why Arm-Lift Surgery?

Sagging arms and loose skin of the arms could be due to a wide variety of reasons like –

  1. Significant weight gain, weight loss, or both.

  2. Ill effects of aging that reduce the elasticity of the skin.

  3. The weakening of the muscles or underlying tissues.

  4. A lack of definition of the arms.

Non-surgical remedies such as exercising and massaging of the arms can help with sagging skin, but they are insufficient to achieve desirable results, especially after considerable weight loss. In such cases, arm-lift surgery is the best solution for attaining the results you want.

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