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Breast Lift

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Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure performed to raise and reshape breasts that have sagged as a result of aging, pregnancy, weight loss, gravity or other factors. Patients interested in a breast lift in Monmouth County can benefit from a consultation with Dr. Michael Nagy.

Dr. Nagy, an acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon, performs over 200 breast surgeries annually and has been named one of The 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeon of the World by the IACS and a Top Doctor by NJ Top Docs.

By trimming excess skin and tightening supporting tissue, Dr. Nagy can achieve an uplifted, youthful breast contour for patients. After surgery, the breasts are higher on the chest and firmer to the touch. The nipple and areola can also be repositioned or resized during this procedure to further enhance the appearance of the breast.

Since a breast lift does not change the shape or fullness of the breasts, many patients choose to combine this procedure with a breast augmentation or reduction in order to achieve their desired results.

A breast reduction with lift results in much lighter and perkier breasts that no longer droop. A breast lift with implants, also known as a breast augmentation with lift, results in larger and perkier breasts without sagging. Still, a breast lift without implants is often the ideal for patients. The choice will depend on the patient’s needs and goals.


Ideal Candidates for a Breast Lift

A mastopexy procedure is a safe and effective surgical solution for many women seeking to enhance the appearance of their drooping breasts, although there are certain restrictions on eligibility. The ideal candidates for a breast lift are women with:

  • Sagging breasts

  • Breasts that have lost shape or volume

  • Breasts that are flat or elongated

  • Nipples or areolas pointing downward

  • One breast lower than the other


In addition to sagging breasts, it is also important for women considering this procedure to be in good overall health, maintain a stable weight and have realistic expectations for surgery. It is recommended that women still planning to have children postpone this procedure, as pregnancy and nursing can counteract the effects of a breast lift.


Matthew Basselini

October 7, 2021

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Dr. Nagy is the best at what he does! He has a wonderful bedside manner and was extremely awesome with all of my questions. I’m a little over one week post op and already so incredibly happy with my results. The office is impeccable and beautiful. The staff is friendly and always helpful. Big shout out to Kim, she went above and beyond - from being reassuring, caring, friendly and so so patient with insane amounts of nerves and questions that I had. She’s the best! From consult to post op, they are a phenomenal team that I would highly recommend.

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The Breast Lift Procedure

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia and usually takes one to three hours. Depending on the size and shape of the breasts, as well as the degree of sagging and amount of excess skin, Dr. Nagy will determine an appropriate incision approach for the procedure, which may include:

  • Two rings around the areola in a doughnut shape, which is ideal for women with small breasts and minimal scarring

  • Around the areola and down to the breast crease in a lollipop shape

  • A lollipop shape with an additional incision along the breast crease for an anchor shape, ideal for breasts with significant sagging


After the incisions are made, breast tissue is removed and reshaped to achieve the desired breast contour. The nipple and areola may be moved higher on the breast or resized as well. Finally, any excess skin is trimmed to create a tighter, more defined appearance. When the breast lift is complete, the incisions are closed with stitches and tend to heal well.

Breast Lift Recovery and Healing

After a mastopexy, patients will likely experience bruising, soreness and swelling for a few days. The breasts will likely be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a surgical bra for about a week, followed by a support bra worn continuously for a month.

Any stitches will be removed after one or two weeks. Most patients will be able to return to work within a week, although exercise and other strenuous activity should be avoided for about a month.

Dr. Nagy will provide you with specific instructions for your individual recovery. To achieve the best breast lift results, follow these instructions carefully and diligently.

Although a breast lift is considered a safe procedure for ideal candidates, there are certain risks associated with any type of surgical procedure, which may include bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia or permanent scarring. These risks can be reduced by choosing an experienced surgeon to perform your procedure and by following the surgeon’s instructions before and after treatment.

The Results of a Breast Lift


The results of a breast lift are visible immediately after surgery and will continue to improve as swelling subsides and scars fade. Most patients who maintain realistic expectations and thoroughly discussed their goals prior to surgery are satisfied with the look of their lifted breasts. While results are not permanent, they will allow patients to enjoy a younger-looking appearance for many years to come. The results also look very natural.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The chosen breast lift technique, anesthesia type, and many other factors all affect breast lift cost. Because of this, the best way to learn about the price of your mastopexy procedure is by inquiring during your consultation.

Arrange Your Mastopexy Consultation

To learn more about getting a breast lift in Monmouth County, please call us today to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, you will be able to look at before and after photos, ask questions, and communicate your ideal results to Michael Nagy MD, FACS.


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