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Most think of BOTOX® as a procedure performed on women to help them gain a more youthful appearance. However, like many plastic surgery procedures, men are getting BOTOX® more frequently than ever.

In just 10 years, the number of men who have received BOTOX® rose a dramatic 258%. This new growth in male patients has lead doctors to begin referring to the new phenomenon as “Brotox.”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeon led the analysis of 10 years of Brotox between 2000 and 2010. In 2010 alone, 336,834 men opted to get BOTOX®, making it the leading choice among men for all cosmetic surgical procedures according to researchers.

Why are so many men now opting for the procedure? Rather than wanting to look younger, most men want to appear friendlier. BOTOX® eases forehead wrinkles that can make men look angry or unapproachable.

For many men who are looking to freshen up their look, BOTOX® may be something to consider. Just remember the importance of choosing a qualified physician. Doctors who are less familiar with the technique could leave you looking “frozen” or perpetually surprised. Dr. Nagy is intimately familiar with BOTOX® Cosmetic, having successfully treated hundreds of patients. He will also take the time to talk with each candidate before beginning the injections to find out what he wants to achieve and to determine how best to correct their problem area(s), so patients can be happy again with their smoother, “friendlier” looking faces.

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