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Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser

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Advances in engineering and technology have had great impact in the aesthetic industry. The CO2 lasers of the early days have evolved bringing great improvements to the treatment itself, with less injury to the treatment area, decreased downtime and improved outcomes and results. Dr. Michael Nagy at Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body has always remained focused on staying current and offering the latest technologies available, therefore we are excited to offer the newest and most advanced CO2 laser available, the Ultra Pulse Alpha CO2 laser by Lumenis®.

The Ultra Pulse Alpha CO2 Laser can address many skin concerns including deep wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, cosmetic lesions, pigmentation and tone and texture issues.

Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser


What Is The Ultra Pulse Co2 Laser?

This laser can be the total skincare solution to address a multitude of issues from wrinkles to scars to pigmentation. It is the most advanced ablative laser available with great versatility to provide optimal results with minimal damage. Carbon dioxide lasers can precisely remove thin layers of skin with minimal damage to the surrounding structures. They incorporate cooling for patient comfort.


Danica Ravaioli

July 24, 2020.

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Dr. Nagy is the best at what he does! He has a wonderful bedside manner and was extremely awesome with all of my questions. I’m a little over one week post op and already so incredibly happy with my results. The office is impeccable and beautiful. The staff is friendly and always helpful. Big shout out to Kim, she went above and beyond - from being reassuring, caring, friendly and so so patient with insane amounts of nerves and questions that I had. She’s the best! From consult to post op, they are a phenomenal team that I would highly recommend.

Google rating score:4.7 of 5,

based on 41 reviews

Am I The Right Candidate For A CO2 Laser?

Not everyone is a candidate for the Ultra Pulse CO2 laser. Patients who have taken Accutane® in the last 6-12 months or have a history of keloid formation should discuss with their provider if CO2 is appropriate for them. Also, risks can include changes in skin pigmentation. Always consult with your provider about all your treatment options.

When Will I See Results With The Ultra Pulse CO2 laser?

The main advantage of being treated with the Ultra Pulse by Lumenis® is typically results are visible after one treatment. As your skin heals after the treatment, you can continue to see improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, and improvement can continue up to 18 months.

How Will My Skin Look And Feel Immediately After Treatment?

Immediately after your treatment your skin may feel warm to the touch, and appear slightly red and swollen. Much of this will depend on your customized setting used during your treatment. Most patients can resume their daily activities within a week. A good skincare routine will be discussed to help with the healing process.

How Does the CO2 Laser Work?

The laser creates small microscopic channels in the skin which trigger the healing process of creating new collagen and elastic fibers. The result is a deep dermal regeneration that improves the appearance and tone of your skin. For deeper treatments a local anesthetic should be applied to numb the skin. Sessions can last 20-30 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

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We encourage you schedule a consultation with one of our providers to learn more about the Ultra Pulse CO2 laser by Lumenis®. This exciting new advancement in CO2 laser treatments will not disappoint. Call us at 732-282-0002 or complete a Request a Consult form on this page to get started.


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