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Why Good Skincare Is Important

Taking good care of your skin is one of the essential ways to combat the signs of aging. Here at Plastic Surgery of the Face & Body in Wall, NJ, having a good skincare regimen is critical to preserving the effects of your surgical or non-surgical facial procedure or treatment, a way to “protect your investment”, so to speak. Although your skin will inevitably develop some fine lines and wrinkles as the collagen and elastin in it deteriorate over time, a healthy skin care regimen will help deter these negative side effects of growing older and keep your skin looking beautiful and youthful as long as possible. Our practice offers professional and medical grade skincare products from SkinMedica®, Neocutis®, ZO Skin Health® and Revision®.

Complimentary Skincare Consultations

Our Clinical Skincare Specialists possess the certifications, experience, and advanced trainings necessary to provide patients with medical grade skin care treatments and products to help maintain, correct, or rejuvenate their skin. We offer a variety of treatments to meet patients’ individual needs in a professional, yet relaxing environment. We understand that each patient has unique skin. We will develop a personalized skincare treatment plan that is customized to help our patients get that healthy, glowing complexion they desire.

What happens during the skincare consultation?

During the consultation, the clinical specialist will discuss with you the concerns you have about your skin. She will take a brief medical history and an examination will be performed to help determine which treatment or combination of treatments will help you obtain healthy beautiful skin. Recommendations will be made to you about how to best treat your skin concern. A treatment plan will be developed that may include the use of skincare products or services, such as hydrafacials, peels or other skin treatments. Our specialists will thoroughly explain the products or services in detail so you will have good understanding about each of them.

Why choose our practice?

Our skincare consultations with the specialists are complimentary. It is our goal to ensure that you are well-informed about what skincare services we offer so that you can make the best decision for you. We encourage you to schedule an appointment to meet with them to discuss your needs and concerns regarding your skin. We are able to address all types of skin concerns in women, men and teens.

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