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CoolSculpting has hit the media market as the COOL way to FREEZE your fat! It’s not a new procedure, it’s actually been FDA approved since 1995. It’s a Non-Invasive way to get rid of stubborn fat with No Downtime and No Surgery! It definitely works, as long as it’s done by the right person. What do we mean my the “right” person? It really is dependant on how much experience your provider has with the procedure and their results. These are questions you need to ask when consulting with someone whom your considering doing your treatment. If not done properly you may not get the desired results or no results at all.

Most commonly asked questions:

  • Does it hurt? No only the first 3-5 minutes are uncomforable. On a pain scale of 1-10, patients decribe it as a 3 on average.
  • Can I return to normal activity after the treatment? Yes, no downtime except when you are in the office being treated.
  • Are the results permanent? Yes as long as you maintain the weight when you first were treated.
  • How long is the treatment? Depending on the areas you want to be treated, each area is one hour long.
  • What areas can be treated? It has been FDA approved for Abdomen, Love Handles, Back fat.
  • What are the results I can expect? On the average 30% loss of fat that is treated or average of 2 inch loss in the area treated.