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Permanent Make-up, also known as micro pigmentation, has become extremely popular amongst women of all ages. Not only can it be used for aesthetic purposes, but it can also be used for reconstructive purposes, such as scar revisions or even the pigmentation of an areola after breast reconstruction surgery. Some cosmetic patients often choose to use this technique to camouflage scars in the hairline after facial surgery.

Anyone who desires a soft, natural enhancement to her appearance will benefit from permanent make-up. It is especially beneficial to people who cannot wear make-up due to skin sensitivities or allergies, or active people who want to look their best during activities such as swimming, biking, tennis, hiking, or any other activity where there may be concern about make-up “sweating off.” Others with impairments such as arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease may find it very difficult to apply make-up and may find permanent make-up a solution to their issue.

Permanent make-up is considered permanent because the pigment is deposited into the upper layer of the skin, but fading can occur over time requiring an occasional touch up. The typical procedure takes about an hour and patients may experience some mild discomfort. Numbing creams are applied to help decrease the level of discomfort and have been found to be very effective.

The most common areas for permanent make-up are the eye brows, eye liner (top and/or bottom), lip liner, full lip enhancement, eyelash enhancement, and reconstructive areas. Each patient receives a consultation in our office by Lina Solarte – Clinical Specialist. Lina is licensed by The American Association of Micropigmentation as required by New Jersey state law. The procedure itself is very safe with very few side effects other than some minor swelling in the area for a few days.

Patients who schedule their permanent make-up procedure will receive 10% off between March 1 – 31st. Lina has numerous before and after photos available to assist in understanding the technique and its results. Contact our office at 732-282-0002 to schedule a permanent make-up consultation with Lina, and learn about how this procedure may benefit your lifestyle and facial enhancement goals.