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Last week, ABC’s Good Morning America featured a local couple who decided to take part in one of plastic surgery’s newest trends, couples plastic surgery. David and Heather have been married for 18 years and were beginning to notice the toll that time and child-bearing had taken on their bodies. After 4 children, she was unhappy with the appearance of her mid-section, and he wanted to rid himself of his “double chin.”

Much like a couples retreat or spa day, the pair decided to explore their options for plastic surgery together. After a combined 5 hours of surgery and 6 weeks of healing, Heather emerged with a flat abdomen after a tummy tuck and liposuction, and David was free of the excess fat and sagging under his jaw line with a chin lift. Now the couple can grow old together, happy with their refined physiques.

“Mommy Makeovers” and other body-shaping procedures designed for women have always maintained popularity with female patients and acceptance from the general population. Now, due to the 121% increase in male plastic surgeries over recent years, men too can feel comfortable pursuing these procedures, especially with their spouses at their sides.

Here is the full segment from GMA.