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EMFACE – The newest non-invasive treatment to address both skin and muscle in a single treatment

We are excited to announce that Michael Nagy MD, FACS at Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body is the first plastic surgery practice in NJ to begin offering EMFACE in our Wall Township, NJ office location.

EMFACE is one of the most advanced non-invasive facial treatments that can address two specific areas simultaneously, the skin and muscle. As we age, the skin of the face begins to lose collagen, which is part of the normal aging process. At the same time, we lose the foundation beneath the skin, muscle tone. Loss of muscle tone results in the sagging of the face. EMFACE is able to treat both areas at the same time using different types of energy, and all in just 20 minutes with no needles, no downtime. Busy lifestyles are responsible for the demand in non-invasive solutions for facial rejuvenation, as prospective patients have less time to commit to recovery from more invasive options.

Technology has continued to evolve and improve in the non-invasive realm, and is quite evident with the number of options now available for quicker, more effective treatments with impressive outcomes. EMFACE® by BTL Aesthetics is one of the newest and only technology available to address two specific areas that contribute to facial aging.


Matthew Basselini

October 7, 2021

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Dr. Nagy is the best at what he does! He has a wonderful bedside manner and was extremely awesome with all of my questions. I’m a little over one week post op and already so incredibly happy with my results. The office is impeccable and beautiful. The staff is friendly and always helpful. Big shout out to Kim, she went above and beyond - from being reassuring, caring, friendly and so so patient with insane amounts of nerves and questions that I had. She’s the best! From consult to post op, they are a phenomenal team that I would highly recommend.

Google rating score:4.7 of 5,

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Exactly how does EMFACE located in Wall Township, NJ work?

The EMFACE treatment utilizes two technologies to address the skin and muscle independently.

First, the synchronized RF (radio-frequency) technology addresses the skin by gently heating the dermis of the skin. This will promote the remodeling of the collagen and elastin fibers to help smooth the skin, giving you a more youthful appearance with less wrinkles.


The HIFES™ (high intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation) technology will help to restore the muscular foundation beneath the skin by selectively contracting the muscles. These contractions will result in the increased development of muscle density and improve the overall structure of the muscle. This will provide the “lift” to complement the smoothing of the skin.

Your result is less wrinkles, more lift!


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for EMFACE?

Most everybody can benefit from less wrinkles and more lift!  There are some contraindications regarding EMFACE, as with any technology. Your provider will evaluate your medical history to see if you are a suitable candidate.

Is there any downtime associated with EMFACE?

EMFACE is a non-invasive treatment, there is no downtime or recovery from an EMFACE treatment.

What does an EMFACE treatment feel like?

During your treatment, you can lie down and relax. You will experience a warming sensation in the treatment area, along with the feeling of a facial muscle massage. You should not experience any pain during the treatment.

Is EMFACE just a single treatment?

Optimal results require 4 treatments, so this treatment is only offered as a series of four.

How long will it take to see results from EMFACE?

You begin to feel tangible results right after the treatments. Positive results are usually reported in four to six weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatment.

Can I have an EMFACE treatment if I have had injectable treatments in the past?

You are not ruled out from having an EMFACE procedure due to injectable treatments. Your provider will discuss this during your consultation and develop the right treatment plan for you.

So how do I get started with EMFACE?

That’s easy, just call us at 732-282-0002 and set up your complimentary consultation to see if EMFACE is an option for you. We are looking forward to assisting you.

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