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CoolTone – Strengthen and Tone Your Abs, Glutes and Thighs

With the help of CoolTone® in Monmouth County, it’s possible to achieve impressive fitness and toning results of the abdomen, glutes and thighs using the power of electromagnetic energy. This cutting-edge contouring and shaping procedure now available in our Wall, NJ office gives patients a heightened version of the natural effects of traditional exercise routines. Michael Nagy MD, FACS in Wall Township, NJ is one of the first practices in the area to offer CoolTone®, a non-invasive treatment for muscle toning and firming.

Clinically proven, CoolTone is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment to tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.


Am I a Good Candidate for CoolTone®?

If you have worked hard to get in shape, but have been unable to achieve the results you’ve been hoping for, CoolTone® in our Wall, NJ office may be right for you. It is an excellent option for those looking to strengthen and tone muscle. During your consultation with Arielle Hughes, PA in our Wall, NJ office, a medical history will be taken to ensure there are no contraindications for the CoolTone® treatment.

The Science Behind CoolTone®

CoolTone® technology uses electromagnetic currents to achieve MMS (magnetic muscle stimulation). CoolTone® penetrates beyond the fat layer to the muscle, delivering a safe and effective treatment to tone and firm the muscle. The currents stimulate targeted muscles, causing rapid contraction. This mimics a boosted version of natural exercise, increasing muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle tone.

The CoolTone® Treatment Process

No preparation is required before a CoolTone® session. The session itself takes less than 45 minutes to complete. The CoolTone® applicator is connected to the CoolTone® device, used to calibrate and control the treatment. The applicator is then placed on the targeted region such as the abdomen. Once the treatment begins, electromagnetic currents are sent to the muscles, causing rapid involuntary contractions. These contractions will strengthen and build muscle fibers.

This process is comfortable and involves no pain, only a slight tingling. During the procedure, patients can use mobile devices, read, or simply relax.

After Your CoolTone® Treatment Session


Once your CoolTone® session is complete, you will be able to get right back to your everyday schedule, including work. You will not need any recovery time or downtime. Just like after a rigorous exercise session, you will feel some temporary muscle soreness for a couple of days.

Patients typically see results after one to two weeks from the date of the procedure. These results are evident for around two months. Consistent CoolTone® treatment sessions will lead to best results and preserve the benefits of the procedure.

Dr. Nagy is absolutely amazing doctor with amazing talents. Everyone in his office is dedicated to what they do for you. All the nurses are so nice and professional. Whatever you think of getting done to your body or face, I highly, highly recommend Dr. Nagy and his crew to do it. I promise you will be happy with your results.

What Is the Difference Between CoolTone® and CoolSculpting®?

Both CoolTone® and CoolSculpting® are non-invasive FDA-approved Allergan technologies used for spot-focused non-surgical body contouring. Both require no recovery process or downtime. However, CoolSculpting® specifically focuses on excess fat to contour the body, whereas CoolTone® focuses on loose muscle to tone and firm.

Many patients find benefits to combining these treatments, and they can be performed during the same treatment session if needed. This leads to even more effective sculpting, contouring, and toning. An in-person assessment at our Wall Township, NJ office is the best way to learn more about CoolTone®. Here our PA, Arielle Hughes will answer your questions and gain an understanding of your aesthetic goals for your area of concern.

How Much Does CoolTone® Cost?

The cost of CoolTone® will vary from patient to patient, as each patient will have different goals and needs to get the results they are looking for.

Find Out More

Michael Nagy MD, FACS in Wall Township, NJ regularly provides CoolTone® treatments for Monmouth County patients looking to improve muscle tone and more. Schedule a consultation with Arielle Hughes, PA to see if CoolTone is for you. Call 732-282-0002 to schedule your consultation. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


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