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Chin liposuction is the most effective method for getting rid of double chins or excess fat under the chin and jawline.

Patients who will benefit most from chin liposuction are usually older men who have developed double chins that can’t be helped by diet and exercise. It can also aid younger men who have naturally always had excess fat under their jawline.

Like all liposuction, chin lipo involves the removal of fat through suction keyhole surgery. A small incision is made and surplus fat is literally sucked out through a tiny tube using either a syringe of a vacuum device.

Patients usually undergo a local anaesthetic although full anaesthetic is not unusual.

The incisions are tiny and made under the chin and sometimes at the back of the jawline – so the scars are usually completely unnoticeable once they have healed.

Chin liposuction has become increasingly popular among men of all ages as it is a relatively minor procedure that gives dramatic results. Patients have much more chiselled features, look younger and give an appearance of overall weight loss.

Written by: Alexandra Scheininger