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Natural Breast Augmentation

Conveniently located to serve Monmouth County, and all of New Jersey, including Toms River, Freehold, and the Middletown area.

Conveniently located to serve Monmouth County and Wall, NJ

If you’ve been considering natural breast augmentation in Monmouth County, it may be time to look into fat transfer breast augmentation. This is a cosmetic procedure used to increase breast size without placing synthetic implants in the breasts.

Why Choose Natural Breast Augmentation?

Numerous women choose natural breast augmentation over augmentation with breast implants. There are several reasons why they make this decision:

  • They don’t want to have something synthetic inside their bodies.
  • They are worried about the risk of saline or silicone implants rupturing.
  • They want to avoid the regular surgeries required to replace implants regularly (sometimes every 10 years).
  • They worry that the results won’t appear natural.
  • They want to increase their breast size by just a small measure.

A particularly appealing aspect of the procedure is that it simultaneously improves more than a single region of the body. It reshapes the breasts while taking out unwanted fat from problem areas via liposuction.

Augmentation by Fat Transfer

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also called fat grafting breast augmentation, is a technique in which excess fat is harvested from other parts of the body and then carefully injected in your breasts. The fatty tissue is removed by liposuction.

This is considered a more natural form of breast enhancement because the patient’s own fat is being injected into their breasts. This type of procedure is known as an autologous procedure, and it is accompanied by a greatly reduced chance of rejection or allergic reactions.

Breast enlargement through the transfer of fat cells can increase the size of a woman’s breast by a half or full cup size. Some women also opt for it to correct underlying symmetrical issues of the breasts. This technique ensures that breasts look shapely and natural.

The Procedure

The surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Dr. Nagy will then gently harvest excess stubborn fat through liposuction. Usually, donor fat is harvested from the hips, abdominal region, and/or thighs.

During liposuction, a cannula (a thin tube with a sharp end) is inserted, and then medical suction is used to remove the loosened fat cells. Dr. Nagy expertly sculpts and shapes the treatment areas, slimming them down to better match the body’s overall proportions.

The harvested fat will undergo a process of purification, wherein the fat cells for implantation will be isolated. Dead and damaged fat cells will be removed; only healthy fat cells can provide long-lasting high-quality results.

The isolated fat cells are placed in the breasts through several precise injections. This is a key aspect of the procedure, since Dr. Nagy has to ensure that the grafts are integrated into the breasts’ tissue appropriately. The fat cells must connect to the blood supply in order to thrive.

Recovery and Results

The recovery period for natural breast augmentation involves caring for the treatment areas appropriately. This will include using ice packs to resolve swelling and bruising, taking prescribed pain medication and antibiotics, staying home from work for a short time, and not participating in physically taxing activities.

Breast augmentation by means of fat transfer ensures that results will appear as natural as possible. The breasts will be soft and supple, and problem areas of unwanted fat will be contoured away.

Natural Breast Augmentation Cost

The price of your fat transfer breast augmentation will depend on many factors. The amount of fat being transferred, the length of time required to perform the surgery, and the number of areas being targeted for fat harvesting all impact the cost.

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Nagy has the experience needed to give you the natural breast augmentation results you’ve been hoping for. To get started with natural breast augmentation in Monmouth County, contact our office and set up your consultation.

Implant Recall 2019

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