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CoolSculpting The latest in plastic surgery fat reduction procedure isn’t surgery at all. Instead, a growing number of area residents have been heading to plastic surgeons to chill out — way out — with a procedure that essentially freezes excess fat off their bodies. Called Cryolipolysis, the procedure is touted as a nonsurgical way to eliminate a stubborn trouble spots on those who don’t already have a lot of weight to lose.

The device that freezes cells, branded as CoolSculpting, was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2010. It has become increasingly popular in New Jersey. The warm weather is approaching and people always want to look their best. They now can with the Non-Invasive No Downtime CoolSculpting procedure.

Most of our patients want to get rid of that annoying area where fat is hard to get rid of. More importantly, patients want to target that trouble spot without surgery. This is where CoolSculpting has become so popular. Each treated area takes one hour in the office with absolutely no downtime! You can bring a book, Ipad, your computer, patients have even taken a nap during their treatments. Our patients can expect on the average a 30% reduction of fat in the area that is treated. What does 30% mean to you? Average two inch loss in the area treated! Image selectively losing 2 inches from an area, that is stubborn to diet and exercise. Well, CoolSculpting is your answer. In 8 weeks you are 80% there! It take three months for total results. So this is the time to have the Non-Invasive treatment to be summer ready! What are you waiting for? Call our office for your consultation with our trained staff! Our staff has advanced training in CoolSculpting, experience matters with your results. Don’t just trust anyone to do your CoolSculpting!

Written by Alexandra Scheininger